LEDL200 LED Mobile Medical Examination Light with Optional Battery Back Up System

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LED200 Examination light series is available in three installation ways, mobile examination light, ceiling examination light and wall mounted examination light.

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LED200 Examination light series is available in three installation ways, mobile examination light, ceiling examination light and wall mounted examination light.

LEDL200, this model name is refers to mobile examination light.

The lamp holder of this mobile examination light is made of ABS material.16 OSRAM bulbs can provide up to 50,000 illuminance, 4000K color temperature. Disinfection handle is detachable.

Apply to

■ Outpatient Room
■ Veterinarian Clinics
■ Examination rooms
■ Emergency rooms
■ Humanitarian Relief Organizations

Mobile examination light can be used for ENT(Eyes, Nose, Throat), dental, gynecological, dermatological, medical cosmetic and vet outpatient examinations.

As a result of climate change, storms, earthquake and tsunamis and volcanic eruptions will occurs, medical relief organization will come to areas with little infrastructure. Or in war-torn areas, mobile examination light with battery will be very useful.


1. Ergonomic H-shaped Base

H-shaped base, the center of gravity sinks, and the force on each point is even and more stable.

2. Battery Back-up System

In areas with unstable voltage, in the wild, or in areas with a lack of infrastructure, you can choose a mobile examination light with a battery system. For battery, we choose internationally renowned brand to ensure the safety and stability of use.

3. Anti-vibration, Decompression, Wear-Resistant Casters

There are four 4 casters on the base. The front two castors is universal to move and the back two is lockable with brakes.

Mobile-Examination-Light-with-Battery- Back-up

4. Premium Spring

We have made an innovative design for the internal structure of the spring arm. By only one finger, you can adjust the light holder, it considerably reducing the fatigue of medical staff. In addition, during the adjustment process, the lamp cap will not sink due to its own gravity, positioning is accurate and no drift.


5. Durable OSRAM Bulbs

For this mobile examination light, we choose Germany imported OSRAM bulbs. Its service life can reach up to 50,000 hours.


6. Removable sterilizer handle

The disinfection handle is easy to install and detachable for disinfection. We usually equip an mobile examination light with two handles, one for daily use and one for spare.


7. Dimming Buttons

The dimming button is on the side of the lamp holder, which can adjust the brightness of the light quickly and conveniently. Classic three-point design, switch, brightness increases, brightness decreases. The illuminance of the mobile examination light is adjustable in ten levels.



Model Name

LEDL200 Mobile examination light

Illumination Intensity (lux)


Color Temperature (K)


Color Rendering Index(Ra)


Heat to Light Ratio (mW/m²·lux)


Illumination Depth (mm)


Diameter of Light Spot (mm)


LED Quantities(pc)


LED Service Life(h)


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