1. The floor height of my operating room is only 2.6 meters or 3.4 meters. Can I install your lights?

Yes, the standard applicable floor height  is 2.9 meters ± 0.1 meters, but if you have special needs, such as low floors or high floors, we will have corresponding solutions.

2. I have a limited budget. Can I install a camera system later?

Yes, when placing an order, i will makes remarks that there is a need to install a camera system later.

3. The power supply system of our hospital is unstable, sometimes the power is cut off, is there an optional uninterruptible power supply?

Yes,no matter it is wall type, mobile type or ceiling type, we can equip it. Once the power is off, the battery system can support normal operation for about 4 hours.

4. Is the operating light easy to maintain?

All the circuit parts are integrated in the control box, and the troubleshooting and maintenance are very convenient.

5. Can the led bulbs be replaced one by one?

Yes, you can change the bulbs one by one, or one module by one module.

6. How long is the warranty period and is there an extended warranty? How much is the price?

1 year, with extended warranty, 5% for the first year after the warranty, 10% for the second year, and 10% every year thereafter.

7. Can the handle be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure?

It can be sterilized at 141 degrees high temperature and high pressure.