LEDD620620 Ceiling LED Dual Dome Medical Operating Light with Wall Control

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LEDD620/620 refers to double domes ceiling mounted medical operating light.

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LEDD620/620 refers to double domes ceiling mounted medical operating light.
New product, which has been upgraded on the basis of the original product. Aluminum alloy shell, upgraded internal structure, better heat dissipation effect. 7 lamp modules, a total of 72 bulbs, two colors of yellow and white, high-quality OSRAM bulbs, color temperature 3500-5000K adjustable, CRI higher than 90, illuminance can reach 150,000 Lux. The operation panel is LCD touch screen, illuminance, color temperature , CRI refers to linkage changes. The suspension arms can be moved flexibly and positioned accurately.

Apply to

■ abdominal/ general surgery
■ gynaecology
■ heart/ vascular/ thoracic surgery
■ neurosurgery
■ orthopaedics
■ traumatology / emergency OR
■ urology / TURP
■ ent/ Ophthalmology
■ endoscopy Angiography


1. Light-Weight Suspension Arm

Suspension arm with light-weight structure and flexible design is easy for angling and positioning.


2. Shadow free performance

The arc medical operating light holder, multi-point light source design, 360-degree uniform illumination on the observation object, no ghosting. Even if part of it is blocked, the supplement of other multiple uniform beams will not affect the operation.

3. High Display Osram Bulbs

The high display bulb increases the sharp comparison between the blood and other tissues and organs of the human body, making the doctor's vision clearer.


4. Synchronous Changing
The color temperature, lighting intensity and color rendering index of the medical operating light can be changed synchronously through the LCD control panel.
A special endoscope lighting can be used for minimally invasive surgical procedures.


5. Reassuring Circuit System

Parallel circuit, each group is independent of each other, if one group is damaged, the others can continue to work, so the impact on the operation is small.

Over-voltage protection, when the voltage and current exceed the limit value, the system will automatically cut off the power to ensure the safety of the system circuit and high-brightness LED lights.

6. Multiple Accessories Choice

For this medical operating light, it is available with wall control, remote control and battery back up system.




LEDD620620 Medical Operating Light

Illumination Intensity (lux)


Color Temperature (K)


Color Rendering Index(Ra)


Heat to Light Ratio (mW/m²·lux)


Illumination Depth (mm)


Diameter of Light Spot (mm)


LED Quantities(pc)


LED Service Life(h)


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