LEDL620 LED Mobile shadowless Operation Light with Competitive Price

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LED620 operation light is available in three ways, ceiling mounted, mobile and wall mounted.

LEDL620 refers to mobile operation light.

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LED620 operation light is available in three ways, ceiling mounted, mobile and wall mounted.
LEDL620 refers to mobile operation light.
New product, which has been upgraded on the basis of the original product. Aluminum alloy shell, upgraded internal structure, better heat dissipation effect. 7 lamp modules, a total of 72 bulbs, two colors of yellow and white, high-quality OSRAM bulbs, color temperature 3500-5000K adjustable, CRI higher than 90, illuminance can reach 150,000 Lux. The operation panel is LCD touch screen, illuminance, color temperature , CRI refers to linkage changes. The suspension arms can be moved flexibly and positioned accurately.

Apply to

■ abdominal/ general surgery
■ gynaecology
■ heart/ vascular/ thoracic surgery
■ neurosurgery
■ orthopaedics
■ traumatology / emergency OR
■ urology / TURP
■ ent/ Ophthalmology
■ endoscopy Angiography


1. User-friendly LCD Touchscreen Control Panel

The color temperature, lighting intensity and color rendering index of this mobile operation light can be changed synchronously through the LCD control panel.

2. Endo Mode

A special endoscope lighting can be used for minimally invasive surgical procedures.


3. Self-developed Lenses

Different from other manufacturers who buying simple lenses, we invest a lot to develop a unique lenses with better condensing performance. Separated LED bulbs with its own lens, create its own light field. The overlapping of different light beam makes the operation light spot more uniform and significantly reduces the shadow rate.

4. High Display LED Bulbs

The high display bulb increases the sharp comparison between the blood and other tissues and organs of the human body, making the doctor's vision clearer.

Ceiling-Single -Head-Medical -light

5. Rod Bent Mobile Base

Elegant shape, in line with engineering mechanics principles, accurate positioning without drift. Customized plan can be made according to the doctor's actual height

6. Battery Back-up System

The battery has a sea and land transportation appraisal report, which is safe and reliable. Fast charging and long use time. In case of power failure, it can support 4 hours of normal use.

Rechargeable -Mobile -Operation-Light

7. Suitable for Low Ceiling Operating Room

When the floor height of the operating room is not high enough, or can't meet the conditions for installing a ceiling operation light. A mobile operation light is convenient to move and can also meet the requirements of operating lighting.



LEDL620 Mobile Operation Light

Illumination Intensity (lux)


Color Temperature (K)


Color Rendering Index(Ra)


Heat to Light Ratio (mW/m²·lux)


Illumination Depth (mm)


Diameter of Light Spot (mm)


LED Quantities(pc)


LED Service Life(h)


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