LEDD500/700 Ceiling LED Double Head Hospital Medical Light with CE Certificates

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LEDD500/700 refers to double dome LED hospital medical light.

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LEDD500/700 refers to double dome LED hospital medical light.
The hospital medical light housing is made of aluminum alloy with a thick aluminum plate inside, which is very helpful for heat dissipation. The bulb is an OSRAM bulb, yellow and white. The LCD touch screen can adjust the illuminance, color temperature and CRI, all of which are adjustable in ten levels. The rotating arm adopts a lightweight aluminum arm for accurate positioning. There are three options for spring arms, which are suitable for operating rooms with different budgets. You can also upgrade the wall control, backup battery system, built-in camera and monitor.

Apply to

■ abdominal/ general surgery
■ gynaecology
■ heart/ vascular/ thoracic surgery
■ neurosurgery
■ orthopaedics
■ traumatology / emergency OR
■ urology / TURP
■ ent/ Ophthalmology
■ endoscopy Angiography


1. Deep Illumination

Hospital medical light have a light decay of nearly 90% at the bottom of the surgical field, so high illuminance is required to ensure stable lighting. This double dome hospital medical light can provide up to 160,000 illuminance and up to 1400mm illumination depth.

2. Excellent Shadow Free Performance

Different from other manufacturers who buying simple lenses, we invest a lot to develop a unique lenses with better condensing performance. Separated LED bulbs with its own lens, create its own light field. The overlapping of different light beam makes the light spot more uniform and significantly reduces the shadow rate.


3. User-friendly LCD Touchscreen Control Panel

The color temperature, lighting intensity and color rendering index of the hospital medical light can be changed synchronously through the LCD control panel.

LED-Shadowless -Hospital -Medical-Light

4. Free Movement

The 360 universal joint allows the hospital medical light head to rotate freely around its own axis, and provides greater freedom of movement and unrestricted positioning options in low rooms.

5. Well-known Brand Switching Power Supply

There are two types of our switching power supplies, except for the regular ones, stable operation within the range of AC110V-250V. For places where the voltage is extremely unstable, we provide wide-voltage switching power supplies with strong anti-interference ability.

6. Prepare for the Future Use

If you need to upgrade to a camera light in the future, you can let us know in advance, and we will make preparations for embedding in advance. In the future, you only need a handle with a built-in camera.


7. Optional Accessories Choice
It can be equipped with built-in camera and monitor, wall mount control panel, remote control and battery back up system.






Illumination Intensity (lux)



Color Temperature (K)



Color Rendering Index(Ra)



Heat to Light Ratio (mW/m²·lux)



Illumination Depth (mm)



Diameter of Light Spot (mm)



LED Quantities(pc)



LED Service Life(h)



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