TDY-G-1 Radiolucent Stainless Steel Electric-Hydraulic OR Table for Neurosurgery

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TDY-G-1 electro-hydraulic integrated operating table, with ultra-low position, especially suitable for brain surgery. It is also suitable for abdominal surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, ENT, urology, anorectal and many other types of surgery.

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All cover is made of 304 stainless steel, easy to clean and disinfect.

High light transmission fiber material is suitable for X-ray use.

The widened mattress design allows patients to lie on the operating table more comfortably.

TDY-G-1 electro-hydraulic operating table adopts advanced hydraulic control system, reliable electromagnetic valves and oil pumps from Taiwan, ensures quiet and stable performance.


1.Ultra-low Position

The lowest height of this electric-hydraulic OR table can be adjusted to 520mm, very suitable for brain surgery and eye surgery. The detachable head plate can meet the use of the operating table with the cutting head frame.

2.Double joint head plate

The double-joint head plate of this Electric-hydraulic OR Table can freely adjust the height of the headboard, allowing the patient to have a comfortable head angle when performing operations in different positions.

3.Built-in Kidney Bridge

Built-in Kidney bridge is made of high-strength PMMA material, quickly achieves various positions, and greatly saves operation time.

4.Built-in Rechargeable Battery

It is equipped with a high-performance rechargeable battery, which can meet the needs of 50 operations. At the same time, it has an AC power supply to provide electrical energy to ensure maximum safety.

5.Mechanical Brakes

Mechanical pedal brakes are faster, convenient, safe, and reliable


Model   Item TDY-G-1 Electric-Hydraulic OR Table
Length and Width 2080mm * 550mm
Elevation( Up and Down) 820mm / 520mm
Head Plate (Up and Down) 45°/ 90°
Back Plate (Up and Down) 80°/ 20°
Leg Plate (Up /Down/ Outward) 15°/ 90°/ 90°
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg 20°/ 20°
Lateral Tilt (Left and Right) 15°/ 15°
Kidney Bridge Elevation 110mm
Electro-motor system Chaoger from Taiwan
Voltage 220V/110V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Compacity 1.0 KW
Battery Yes
Mattress Memory Mattress
Main Material 304 Stainless Steel
Maximum Load Capacity 200 KG
Warranty 1 Year

Standard Accessories

No. Name Quantities
1 Anesthesia Screen 1 piece
2 Body Support 1 pair
3 Arm Support 1 pair
4 Shoulder Support 1 pair
5 Leg Support 1 pair
6 Foot Support 1 pair
7 Kidney Bridge Handle 1 piece
8 Long Fixing Clamp 1 pair
9 Fixing Clamp 8 pieces
10 Hand Remote 1 piece
11 Power Line 1 piece
12 Pedal 1 Pair

Ultra-low Position


Double joint head plate


Built-in Kidney Bridge


Mechanical Brakes

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