Can’t a ceiling Operating Light be installed in a OR Room with Low Floor Height?

In many years of sales and production experience, we have found that some consumers are very confused when buying operating light.

For a ceiling operating light, its ideal installation height is 2.9 meters. But in Japan , Thailand, Ecuador, or some African countries, their operating theatres are generally lower than 2.9 meters in height. Can't they install ceiling operating light?

Here we need to popularize a question about installation height, and we must confirm with the customer before placing an order. The so-called installation height, that is, the height of the floor, refers to the height from the decorative ceiling to the ground, not the height from the roof to the ground. Of course, there are still some operating rooms that do not have this decorative ceiling. For this type of operating room, its installation height is the distance from the roof to the ground.

Back to the topic again, what kind of solutions do we have as a professional operating light supplier with 20 years. Please check the sales process between me and my new customer Ecuador.

The customer is purchasing a double-head LED operating light for a veterinary clinic. Before placing the order, I need him to provide the installation height. The picture below is the height measurement process he sent back.

Can't a ceiling Operating Light be installed in a OR Room with Low Floor Height1

It is finally confirmed that the floor height is only 2.6 meters, which does not meet the standard height requirement of 2.9 meters.
After considering the general height of doctors and the lifting height of the operating table, we decided to adopt a customized installation plan.
We redesigned the lamp holder and made drawings for customers to confirm. The client agrees to our design plan.
After receiving the goods and using it for a period of time, the customer is very satisfied.

Veterinary Clinc Feedback1

 Later, while visiting his new operating room, his doctor friend reorder a double-headed LED operating light.

Good feedback1

Here, I sincerely thank the veterinarian who helped refer me. It must be our reliable products and considerate after-sales service have moved the doctors.

Through this communication case, we know that the operating room with a floor height of 2.6m still has the conditions for installing ceiling operating light.
But there are some more case, such as the height of the operating room is only about 2.4m, in this case, we do recommend customers use wall-type operating light or mobile operating light.
Below we also have installation drawings for reference.

From the era of halogen OT light to LED OT light, our company has nearly 20 years of experience in design, production and installation of surgical lights at home and abroad.

Therefore, as a customer, if you have any questions about the operating light, you can consult us on the inquiry page, we are happy to solve it.

Even if there is no deal, this valuable communication experience can help us make better plans in the future sales process.

Post time: Dec-10-2020